New Year, New Goals

Every year I make new goals for myself, as one tends to do around early January, but this year I decided to also give myself some writing goals. Here are the three goals I have involving my writing: Goal 1- To write at least 100 words everyday. To help with this, I’ve made a routine […]

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Beware the Wolf (chapters 5-6)

Chapter 5: I could feel the panic radiating off of Claire as she took shaky breaths. Taking a breath of my own I ran through everything I knew about wolves – searching for the best thing to do to keep Claire safe. A part of me wanted to abandon my responsibilities and join the pack […]

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Beware the Wolf (chapters 3-4)

  Chapter 3: The familiar burn gnawed at my insides as Claire talked about her favorite foods, trying to subtly bring up for the fifth time in the past hour that she was hungry. I tried to ignore her, hoping she would get the message that I didn’t want to stop and eat right now. […]

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Beware the Wolf (chapters 1-2)

A year after the death of her father, 21 year old Amber Brin Thompson is living in the woods with her dog, Tank. When this socially anxious and untrusting girl runs into a lost hiker by the name of Claire, she decides to help, knowing it would be what her father would’ve done. Together the […]

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